EU Selling with upcoming VAT changes

Will Tindie be handling the VAT as required by the new changes happening in the EU from 1st July. As an online Market Place tindie is responsible for charging the VAT at source and then handling paying that to the EU. Tindie will be deemed the supplier and so responsible.

The deadline is fast approaching so would be great to have some information otherwise many many sellers will have to stop selling to the EU.



Please do something about this @tindie

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+1 handling VAT according to the EU laws is a must-have feature for Tindie!

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Anyways TINDIE IS the platform, and will be responsible, view from European union, to paid applicable VAT.

The problem can be if this is not collected at sale process and depending on customer country (not same rate on every country) but later TINDIE deduct this from your disbursement

Considering how slow TINDIE is to do anything and answer you are right to seriously worry about !

Frankly, it is very hard thing to implement. It requires huge effort to be implemented.

You are perfectly right !
1/ as the platform they should already prepare this and inform all shop about this point better than let the people ask and worry about
2/ those rules are not new and already announced for long…today is very short to do anything but if you start in time…

Every other online marketplace has implemented it already including etsy, ebay, amazon, aliexpress etc so it can most certainly be done. It’s my understanding they have not implemented it for the UK either. It’s not good since as mentioned they are responsible and could be getting a massive tax bill from HMRC and the EU if something is not put into place.

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You are right, I totally forget about UK, but they open this from January 1st, as Europe was supposed to do also…

So there is also another way is let SELLER to drive this by themselves (move to other marketplace is one option)

Or let the final customer to have to paid tax on arrival plus service charge from the shipping company when they deliver to their door…not good at all, as I already got some real testimony that some company already charge 30 to 50 Euro for their service (plus relevant VAT)


This needs to be addressed ASAP. @jasminebrackett are there plans to explain how it will all work for sellers?

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do you really think they didn’t look at this forum?
Nobody answer anyways…
Maybe you are right nobody at TINDIE anymore :fearful:

Well, let’s be supportive for @tindie @jasmineb @jasminebrackett and others.

Tindie is great place for us, promotes us very well. Many made decent income through Tindie. This is complex step.

We still don’t know what will happen as SIEMENS acquired Supplyframe.

That can also be something that’s stopping them to make changes faster.

Anyway, let’s also keep this as top priority, most urgent thing to do!!!

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You are right, just cross finger every will be in time as july 1st is the ultimate deadline before potential serious problem

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Also a huge issue for norwegian customers. I want to order a product costing me $8,- + $3,- for shipping, but I will need to pay ca. $20,- in administration fees when the shipment enters the country. Under no circumstance I am willing to do so.
When shopping on eBay, this problem does not occur, since they have a system for paying the norwegian VAT in place, without the excessive administration fees.


Tindie is still silent on this topic. It doesn’t bode well @jasminebrackett.

Hello. This is a priority for the Tindie team. Supplyframe’s accounting department is aware that this needs to be addressed. As soon as I have an update for you, I’ll let you know.


The silence from Tindie on this subject is deafening…

I just received email from Australia Post, detailing some of this stuff - my knowledge on this topic is virtually nil. I am not even sure what countries are part of EU and what are not…

The email from Aussie post did say, if I sell thru a marketplace, then the marketplace will manage it - otherwise you need to register and get some kind of third party agent in EU. I did not know any of this was changing until today.

I sell very few items - nothing justify any of this complexity. So far my few items have been received by the recipients - including in the UK. But i feel like it just a matter of time before something happens and I hear the story, of how a customer had to pay big fees to get item - or worse - demand a refund.

I fear my days on Tindie are numbered.

Didnt they recently get bought out?

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Yes I confirm that there is only 3 options :

  1. Tindie as sale platform should setup the system correctly, should add VAT to final customer depending on the country then should have direct paiement of th collected VAT to the customer’s country for custom clearance.

  2. You do this by yourself and find agent in europe that will do that job because beiing out of europe you cannot be legal representativ for VAT.

  3. You still send your parcel as it was, then the shipping company will charge for VAT plus lots of service charges, cutomer won’t be happy with this bad surprise because he has tio paid VAT but also crazy additiv cost form shipping company that deliver.

  4. Stop selling in Europe and UK :frowning:

Only 8 days left before this will be blocked, that mean actually you should already stop to send except using fast shipping (but some already setup their services and charge a lot the final customer)

It’s not crazy and not too bad. We’re paying 4 euro on import handling and VAT as receiving party in the EU. 10 euro for expensive >150 euro items.

We could also set-up an EU and US hub so it’s possible to do ‘local’ shipping, like aliexpress and amazon. :slight_smile:

Kits “fulfilled by Tindie”, sounds great, doesn’t it?

Just wanted to mention the fee differ from country to country… In Denmark you pay just over 21€ for import fee. This plus the import VAT (25%), and over certain value you pay additionally 12.5% customs.

The VAT is not a problem, but the fee is insane!