E-mail broken for "New order"?

I noticed this morning that I didn’t receive the weekly store activity e-mail, which is not a big issue. But now I logged in on the website and I got an order yesterday, but never an e-mail for that neither. Did someone else notice that?

It also happened to me. Two new orders without e-mail notification.

I just got an email that an order was refunded and store closed because I didn’t ship an order.

…I never received an email or any of the two reminders Tindie usually sends.


Thank you both for confirming. I just wanted to make sure that this wasn’t an issue on my side, but it seems to affect more of us, so it must be an issue on the Tindie server. I hope Tindie was able to recover your store again!

Same issue here. The amount of broken features on Tindie, according to these forums is seriously alarming.

Same problem. I’ve reached out to support but have not yet heard back.

The same thing happened to me yesterday, New order, no email notification.
its not going to my spam either, i am just not getting it.

I have a gmail email address if that helps.

Hi all,

Sorry for the trouble this is causing. Our engineering team is looking into the issue. I will update this thread and your support tickets with more information on the fix as soon as I have new info.

Armando A
Supplyframe Support

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