Does tindie support China Union Pay

Recently, I use tindie + paypal + China Union Pay + BOC to pay for a board
But it failed. I want to ask if tindie support China Union Pay

I tested myself on another website that support paypal, it can pay for the bill.
But tindie cannot. So there must be sth wrong with tindie.
It DOES NOT support China Union Pay for the product.
So the admins should think about solve the problem.

Hello @Thompson, please check if your Paypal account verified and if the funds available from Union Pay to Paypal immediately? If there is a wait for the funds to go into Paypal for the transaction, the order will not be processed.

If you run into further issues, please email with details of when you tried to place the order, which email address you used, and any helpful screenshots. We can look into it.

I didn’t take snap.
There are two kinds of errors.
If I use USD to pay, there is an error on webpage showing that it is an error
If I use CNY to pay, the webpage will pop up a window saying that my card is not available to pay. It let me to add another card.
I have bought through and have no problem.
So I think tindie does not support some kind of card, i.e. Bank of China debt card.
Maybe tindie’s program doesn’t support this kind of card.

PS: I have checked that there’s nothing wrong with PayPal and the bank card