Do you have a blog?

I’ve been digging into the referral data on actual orders. Basically we started saving the referral url on orders (when we can). One take away, it seems the sellers that have personal blogs are getting real benefit from their blogs.

I haven’t had a chance to look into individual blog posts to study those, but at a high level - blogging does drive orders.

So do you blog?

Yes I do and I can see some traffic from my blog to Tindie and some of it in Tindie analytics. Nice touch about saving referrer to the order – when will it go live? I’ve got two orders tonight, none of them contains a referrer yet.

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Yep. I havent looked at my stats lately but i do try and update it a couple times a week. I also have a nice documentation site. Ive gotton about 6 orders since last night.

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We have a blog on our site but we are pretty horrible about adding content to it. Thanks for the heads up. I think we’ll focus a little more attention on our blog.

here it is:

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@miceuz We’re looking into adding the Google Analytics tracking through checkout to give sellers more visibility into that data. The tricky part will be handling orders with many sellers. We need to look into how many codes can we include / how many does Google allow.

As for the referral data we are collecting, I’ll make a ticket now to see about exposing that. It isn’t as thorough as I would like but it would definitely be helpful.

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Yes, my blog is

Hello guys, I have already asked in another pos. Please can someone help me ? How can I manage Tindie analitycs? I searched on the the blog, FAQ and other help but nothing found. I have the blog dedicated to the products and projects only. It is already linked to analytics but I have no info on the Tindie traffice at all…

Thank you in advance. Enrico

@alicemirror I’ll privately message you to help out. It doesn’t look like your Google Analytics code has been added.

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Got it. Many thanks. I seems stupid sometimes to myself :smiley:

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I just got analytics plugin working in Chrome and it’s pretty cool how it shows where people go etc. But how do you track through checkout process? I don’t see any stats on “add to cart” button and on.

@kuzyatech o/

it isn’t fully deployed yet. Look for an update in the next week or so.

I’ve been blogging since 1997. :slight_smile: I post a lot about the stuff I make including all the mistakes needed to learn how to develop my own boards.

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I have a blog.
I just signed up on tindie and am glad i did :slight_smile:

Nice one. Welcome to Tindie!