Do customers read tindie message?


I’m new to Tindie.
For each purchase order that I receive, I leave a mesasge + tracking in the Tindie interface.

Is it expected that customers read the Tindie interface? Or should I also contact the customers via the provided email?


Hello @riq.

I’m just a new user here. I sent a message to a seller today (through the Tindie messaging system) and as soon as the seller replied, I got an email with the From field listed as “<seller> via Tindie Community” and the Subject of the email begins with “[Tindie Community] …”.

These are just my 2 cents, as a new user. But it looks like the customers do get an email notification when you reply to them in the Tindie messaging system.


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As long as the buyer uses a valid email, which some don’t the above holds true.

Some users turn off the email notifications, or the notifications are filtered into ‘forums’ in gmail, or spam.

If you do need help contacting a buyer you can email and we’ll try to help.

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