Disbursement Issues Status?

I use Paypal for disbursement. Currently have a number of orders awaiting fulfillment but I am hesitant to do so with very little information about the current inability to disburse via Paypal. Would not like to be left having revenue I can’t get for weeks or months. I am not married to PayPal, just want my money.

I know Tindie is working on alternate disbursement method(s) but I have not seen any update since early March.

Agreed on this. More communication needed to sellers, and to buyers. Buyers need to know that right now if they purchase a product, the seller is taking all the risks by fulfilling it while they can’t get payed.

Just got email that disbursements are working again.

I hope this serves as a wake up call for Tindie to finally offer alternatives to PayPal.

As an international seller I’ve suffered with the PayPal conversion rates for many years.

The only way I could fix that was by physically travel to the USA and open a bank account there.
Quite a hassle that could’ve been avoided by having other disbursement methods from the get go.

But good to know they’re working on it now.