Disbursement failed but still listed in "Transactions"

On Friday I attempted to disburse a significant sum to my PalPal account. The transfer failed with a notice in red at the top of the page saying, “There was a problem making the payment. Tindie support has been notified.” Well, I’ve notified them myself three times since and I’ve only received the automatic acknowledgement email. The funds have not yet been sent to PayPal, but the disbursement is nevertheless shown in “Transactions” as having been made. I have had sales since, and the system is showing their total in the “Pay Out Now” box.

I would like to know if any other sellers have had the same or similar issues lately. I’m becoming quite concerned, and I need those funds for to fulfill customer orders.



Hi, yes, it also failed for me yesterday with the same message. No message from support. Still no answer from support to you either?

No, I haven’t heard a word yet. This happened to me Friday afternoon. So it’s going on five days of no support at all. Frankly, it’s inexplicable.

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oh lame, because they answered on another matter to me, both complains sent the same moment. I will stop temporalilly sending new orders, in case there is something bigger behind. I hope is just a glitch

I’m having the same issue on my end. Disbursement failed, tindie should have been notified but no word from tindie yet. I’ve sent an email to tindie addressing this issue as it is a great inconvenience

Same for me. Happened 3 times now, first on the 2nd of januari where the refunded me manually the day later. Other 2 errors a few days later aren’t refunded yet and no response from Tindie. I have closed down my shop so my customers will not be affected by any mishappening.

Just now I got a reply from Tindie that they are looking at the issue. In the meanwhile they have send the money that failed to disburse.

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Good to know, I will report when they contact me too :eyes:

I, too, have been contacted and Tindie has sent my funds to PayPal. I then initiated a new disbursement of $1K+ and it was also properly send to PayPal. The email I received from SupplyFrame support apologized but did not explain either the original error or their failure to reply for almost a week. I want an explanation and a promise that this kind of thing–in particular their failure to communicate–will not happen again.

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I got the transfer now, all ok. No idea why it happened.

I’ve had the same thing happen 3 times now, still waiting on the manual disbursement from today

Just had a new disbursement error for about 350 dollars so this issue doesn’t seem to be resolved yet.

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Got same issue today for 2.5K $. Tindie support dont answer. Why they hold money?