Credit Card Scam Alert

Just a heads up about a person/company that has contacted me about a large order.

The name is “Bill Wagner” , and the email address comes from a gmail account, even though it is supposed to be a business ( “Wagners Warehouse” and “Wagner & Jens Comapny Ltd”).

Even after I tell him I only accept orders through Tindie and PayPal payments, he submits an order, asks ME to contact his preferred shipping company for a quote, and says he will pay by credit card once the grand total cost is determined.

I looked him and his company up on the web and have found that it is a credit card scam. You ship and he gets free merchandise.

Don’t fall for the large order. Always double check people!

Vibrato, LLC.

Thank you Louis! Can you message me with the email address so I can make sure they are banned? Thanks!

As a side note, large orders are double checked through fraud protection for us.

Amber Cunningham:
I went back thru some old emails and found that he’s probably constantly changing his email names (loosing track of which names he’s used).
Bill Wagner , ; .
He wants merchandise
sent to “Wagner’s Warehouse” 566 Victoria Street, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand.
His other address is “Wagner & Jens Company Ltd” , 92 Davidson Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124
The shipper he wants to use is: Chris
Little, Maxilet Shippers Inc ( ) .
Thanks for following up on this! He may be contacting other sellers on Tindie.
Louis Steele
Vibrato, LLC.

Just exchanged emails with a similar candidate. In my case email addresses of the customer and shipping company are from gmail and hotmail. Billing address is a McDonald’s in California, shipping address a rundown auto repair shop in South Africa.

The scam is not that they want free merchandise. Our stuff is way too esoteric for the crooks. The scam is, that you will be asked to pay the (fake) shipping company upfront. Here’s a description of the scam including a list of red flags:

May be worth to include a warning in the next newsletter that Tindie sends out to its sellers.

Thanks for letting us know. Sellers should be aware that only transactions that take place via are covered by the Tindie guarantee to protect buyers and sellers against fraud.