Collecting Tax Feature Request

It doesn’t look like Tindie collects or pays out Sales Tax for items sold in the seller’s State. It would be nice if tax collection was an option that the seller could turn on. Can we get this feature?

I say it should be optional because some may prefer to just pay it out of their own pocket.


Hey David,

That is correct - it is something on our list just not very high on it right now tbh. We’ll probably get around to this in the middle of the year would be my bet…


How do sellers handle state taxes now? For me, I will need to pay 8.25% if a buyer is in Texas. We all have this problem, or so I think… If we sell an item to someone in our state, we owe a state tax. Not paying that tax is dangerous as there are still fines from the state. Is this just something we eat? Just make less on the items sold in our state?

Is there any progress on this? Taxcloud provides free integration and there are github examples using it. It may be best to support per user accounts, but it should be easy enough to support. Collecting sales tax is an issue for most US sellers and now that Tindie is CA based, I would think it is a priority for Tindie too.

Hello Chris,

This and the shipping rates are high on my feature wishlist. Unfortunately, both are not as straight forward to implement on Tindie. Additionally, international sellers, especially in the EU also would really benefit from tax support. It looks like tax cloud is US only, but it would be a start.

Thanks for the prompt.

Is this something that is still under consideration? It’s almost two years since the last update.

+1 for this feature request.

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Thanks for your reply.

In the future, we plan to implement a system to help with sales tax calculations for US sellers, and then eventually Canada, Australia, and EU. I don’t have any time estimates to share yet, but it is on our roadmap.

Tindie Team

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I’d also like to +1 this. Not calculating and adding sales tax is a pretty big deal and honestly, something that is built into other platforms, so it didn’t even occur to me that Tindie wouldn’t do it. Right now, I’m losing 7% of every sale within my home state, and a lot of sales are from my home state because that’s where my network is strongest. This definitely limits my ability to grow on Tindie’s platform. :frowning: I very much hope this is a priority!


Yup. I add to my Tindie price to cover the sales tax my state requires. But for those US sellers who aren’t aware, and thus aren’t paying tax, it kindof seems like Tindie is enabling tax evasion.

Starting on January 1st 2022, Paypal will start reporting gross sales to the IRS via 1099-K for any seller making more than $600/yr. So unlike before, where sellers could forego charging or paying sales tax because there was no reporting, now there will be.