Cannot link hackaday user

There’s something weird with my Tindie user: when I click the “link” button to set the hackaday profile I get an error stating that the hackaday user is associated to a different tindie profile. I actually previously logged in using the “login with hackaday” and since it seems I had a prior unused hackaday account it decided to automatically log me in with that one (even whil on Hackaday I’m logged with the other one). I deleted the old hackaday account and then went on to tindie and registered via email, but now I cannot link to the hackaday account.
I requested support but got no answer (and I don’t seem to be able to see the ticket status either).

Send an email to Apparently.

Thanks @pmfoundations. I can see that James helped to get this fixed on June 1 when @protobits emailed

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