CAN32 - ESP32 with can bus board library and examples

Hi everybody

Speaking about this board including direct plugged OLED screen :

which look like very convenient for a screen datalog/dashboard in a car running canbus able ECU, especially when switching to a bigger screen but my main issue atm is that I cannot make it work, even for simple tasks…

no feedback from supplier and didnt get the correct board file nor library I guess, the only thing I get working is keeping a random array of dots and make it blink from positive to negative…not so useful !

this project : only datalog and may be a good start but impossible to display anything with it, at least from my point of view/abilities.

tia for any help !

Hey @neobob22,

I couldn’t help but notice that you’re having issues with your dev board. One recommendation is to contact the supplier you purchased the board from to see if they could provide you with additional troubleshooting support.

Fingers crossed they get back to you,

Bryant Ramirez
Tindie Customer Support

wow…already done in June.

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