Can we change the way orders held for review work from the seller's point of view


The way orders held for review work for the seller is not ideal.

If an order is held for review it silently takes away the order quantity from your stock, and that’s it, no other notification til the order is approved. And if it fails review it just silently adds it back to stock, even if the product was previously out of stock.

The fact that there is a disconnect between your order numbers and tindie stock versus your actual stock is not good.

I fell victim of this when I first started selling, I had packed all open orders, tindie said I had 4 left in stock, but I physically had 5, so I increased my stock to 5 and sold more than I had ready to go.

Now that I know how this works, I need to separately keep track of the amount of stock I list so I can accurately figure out what I actually have left. Same problem for add on stock

I think two things would improve this a lot:

  • An email notification that there was order held for review with details of what was ordered.
  • an extra field on the products page that listed stock held for review (so the numbers on the product page would always add up to the amount of stock you have listed)



Also, do people on the wait-list get notified if order fails review and brings the item back into stock?

I also encountered this problem and it caused a bit of confusion when my stock didn’t match the total of sold+in stock.

I think even something as simple as having a new column in the “My Products” page showing the number of blocked items would be a big improvement.

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