Can I sell DIY electronics without certifications like CE or other?

Hi all,
is it legal to sell DIY electronics without certifications?

Should I pay some certications like the CE or some others to sell in Europe?
Is it legal to sell electronics without any certifications?


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CE certification apply mainly to electronics connected to mains power (note generalization!), and it is always applied to the whole completed product as it is used, including case etc. meaning it doesn’t apply to a bare PCB or otherwise ‘component’ of something.

Since I’m assuming what you plan to sell is a part of a product or a kit, you have no need for any certifications, as it would be the responsibility of the end user to either certify the finished product (unlikely), or treat it as a hobby item, ie user beware, used at your own risk where its possible your homeowners insurance or similar would not cover what you are doing if you are found negligible in using whatever contraption you did when causing the issue.

And obviously the rules for all of this vary from country to country, so the responsibility falls on the buyer/user to follow the rules/laws in his/her location. What you need to make clear though, is that what you are selling is a kit, or similar. That it does in fact require the user to finish the product. Then you cannot be held liable under any law.

Short version, yes its legal and you do not need to certify what you are selling as long as its not meant for mains power, then the rules become a lot more complicated.