Can I ask if a board could be created for me in here?

First time in here. I have a Bluetooth device that’s terrible. Because Bluetooth. I want to rip the guts out and replace it with perhaps esp32 or similar and I’m hoping I can ask in here if anyone’s interested.

It’s a simple box that has three or four LEDs in it and a motor that turns a perforated 2” disc. Sitting above that are fibre optic bundles that lead to a fibre optic ceiling.

Here’s a photo of it. I think mine is 20w or 32w. I assume that refers to the number of LEDs in the panel behind the rotating disc.

You can find many similar products on AliExpress or Amazon as “fibre optic star ceiling”. Mine happens to have dual optic bundle attachments but it’s still just the same single rotating disc in front of a plate of RGBW LEDs.

The little controller, and the app, are those typical RGB controller apps that let you turn it on/off, change the colour, create sequences including fading, random, flashing etc, and change the speed of the wheel.

I’ve reverse engineered a few of the Bluetooth commands used to turn it on and off, but but the rest is too annoying for me to pursue.

I’ve installed a nearby esp32 Bluetooth dongle thing that I’ve programmed to send the on/off commands to it, which is then connected to Home Assistant.

It works. Sometimes. But it’s that stupid cheap Chinese Bluetooth implementation that’s erratic as hell.

I’d like to replace the guts with a simple board that lets me control it via something like mqss and provides some simple command abilities like I described above.

So the board is really just controlling a small motor (assume 5v or similar) on, off, and maybe 5-6 rotation speeds, and the RGB diodes on, off, brightness. I don’t really care about flashing and fading and random colour changes. I’m only ever going to have it rotating the disc very slowly and displaying a dim white colour.

I suspect this is the place to find someone capable and possibly willing to build it. Or perhaps others know of something that will do this already.

Hey SpinCharm,

I would be more than happy to help out with your project - if you could please shoot me a PM and we can discuss further?


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