Blocking countries

As many of you, I am a seller who is NOT here to LOSE money. Some countries have very poor postal services, where the package is almost guaranteed to be lost every single time (during covid or otherwise).

Tindie does not make it easy to block countries in my shipping options.
What I want to do is BLOCK ALL then ONLY ALLOW the countries that I wish to ship to.

What I am having to do now is create a number of shipping options for each item which seems unnecessary to me.

Once an item is lost, I will never deal with that country again. There is no point in continuing to lose good money after bad.

Using a shipping option with tracking (for some countries) is hugely expensive which makes selling to that country impossible.

I hope Tindie will update the shipping options soon.

A few changes I have made:

Using tracked packages which I was pricing at $15 to European countries. It seems a lot for one item but I created a Buy More Save More rate that allows the buyer to have free shipping for all additional items. If they buy 10 products they are only paying $1.50 each for shipping

During the pandemic I did lose a couple of packages but because the shipping was purchased through PayPal I filed a claim for the shipping. Less lost revenue I know but at least a partial refund. Some packages were delayed but eventually turned up.

I have very recently decided to use Priority Mail for International. It is very expensive but I offer the same Buy More Save More deal. As a result I have had much fewer orders but when I do get them they are larger and guaranteed insured delivery.

I am very happy to share what I can from experience if you would like to find out more.

Best wishes.

Here in Canada the tracked packet shipping cost is way too expensive for anywhere other than North America. Sending a small item in an envelope overseas using tracked packet will cost more than $80.

When you are selling a $30 item, this is unreasonable, and nobody will buy your item.

I see that you are mostly selling ISP programmers so it is difficult to see how someone would want to buy more than one item at a time. I don’t really get any international orders now that I have increased my shipping charges.

Let’s hope these postal services and customs improve soon. They can’t use the pandemic as an excuse for ever surely