Black Friday thru Cyber Monday 2017 - Set up your promotions asap

Hello Tindiarians,

It’s a little later than we expected, but we’ve just rolled out the new promotions system on Tindie. We can now run proper Sales. Gone are the days when discounts can only be applied using a typed-in code.

Very important! Promoted Discount Codes are now Sale items.
If you have existing codes set up on Tindie, please log in and go to Promotions to review the setting and make any modifications.

Join our Sale
All you need to do is create a Sale Promotion. The buyer only has to add your items to the cart and checkout to get the discount.

Sale items are automatically listed on the Tindie Sale page for all visitors to Tindie to see, and for us to promote. Your Sale items are also highlighted with an icon on their product cards. Product cards are displayed on your store page and the category pages.

Double up on Discounts
You can still make Discount Codes. However, please keep in mind that they will be applied on top of any other Sale discount that you’ve applied on the same product.

We’ve made it easier to share discount codes in emails or on social media. Just add ‘?dc=YourDiscountCode’ to your product or store link e.g.

Short product link:

Store link:

Long product link:

Helpful links

The biggest benefit to this system is that we’re now able to expand Sale and Discount Code options in the future. However, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, we’re hoping you’ll use it to be part of the Tindie Sale!

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Have a great week,
Jasmine, Brandon & Erin!

p.s. This message originally was emailed out to the Tindie Sellers mailing list. If you’re a seller and didn’t recieve it, let us know.