Bad board, refund or return?

Hello I bought a kit from tindie, one surface mount component arrived broken, when I looked for replacements I realised part counterfeit. At this point I dont want to waste time on this. The seller wants me to ship the board back to Asia. USPS 40$ minimum. I contacted support. Wondering what I should try do to. Send the boards back? Get the seller to generate a label? Ask for a refund? what a mess

Given the circumstances, I would think the best option is to locate a non-counterfeit SMD part. Do you know the part number?

I found the part ordered it, but now having thought the kits needs alot of work before usable. it’s just not worth it anymore to me

OK. Well I hope you find something else that meets your needs. It’s disappointing that the seller was unable to hep you out. You should be able to claim a refund directly from Tindie though.

ok thank you, the seller is asking me to send goods back to China. Is that how tindie operates usually?

You can certainly open a request with Tindie but you might want to find your payment in PayPal and dispute that. If they sent you a counterfeit or damaged product you should not have to send it back. If you open a PayPal dispute, the seller will have to explain themselves to avoid you getting your money back.

In this situation there are two options, :slightly_smiling_face: either you return the product or you refund your money. Now after everyone’s choice discussing this with the seller.

I think we are all aware of that but the poster is saying that is not happening.

To update everyone: the seller asked me to ship the items back to China after I received the broken board(the broken components were counterfeits), I looked into every shipping option but too expensive. I contacted tinder which essentially told the seller to decide between paying for shipping or straight refund, at this point tindie staff and I are still waiting for an answer ! Thanks all!

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