Authentication issue with social login


I have a problem logging into my Tindie account. I should have known better than to use my Hackaday account for authenticating my Tindie Account. I wish that option was not available :unamused: – as is broken — I find very often is non responsive - lots of 500 and full of spam postings. (I fear I will lose all of my project postings)

I am posting this query through my one computer that has cached credentials. When I attempt to authenticate on my other computer - its tries to jump over to for authenticating - but that site times out.

As I only have this one computer than can authenticate - i am very worried about doing anything to change to a username/password auth - if it goes wrong - i wont be able to log in until is working again.

Can I get an official confirmation:

  1. Can I change my account to username/password?
  2. Will adding a username/password trigger a process to revalidate with account?
  3. If I try to do that and is offline - will I effectively be locked out of my account?
  4. What can I do if I am locked out? - How will I be able to authorise my account.