Alternatives to USPS Click-n-Ship?

With recent update, there’s no more commercial base pricing available on USPS Click-n-Ship. Together with USPS’s price increases this makes international shipping from the US 30% more expensive (at least with 4oz packages like I usually have). This is a real bummer for my customers as 80% of them are outside the US.

Does anyone here have experience with alternatives like Endicia? Are they worth the monthly subscription?

I also use PayPal for US and larger shipments, but they do not offer First Class parcels international from what I can see.

PS: Oh, and they just changed the label size which makes my recently stocked labels useless :frowning:

I also use paypal for US and USPS web site for international shipments and this morning I was surprised that I can’t purchase postage to Czech Republic. I had to take it to the post office and there another surprise, the postage cost doubled. So I actually lost money on this. I wish Tindie integrated shipping label purchase, the same as eBay already.

Anyway, I went to bump the price of shipping to Czech Republic here It would be nice if there was a button to check all the product checkboxes so I don’t have to check them one by one when adding a new option

I haven’t shipped to Czech Republic yet, but I had to go to the post office before for a few other Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Romania, Russia). The folks at the post office didn’t know why either.

In the meantime I did a few shipments with Endicia. Prices are the same as PayPal/Ebay but it also offers First Class international parcels. Can’t avoid the price increases, but at least it’s still commercial pricing.

As for downsides (besides the $16/month fee):

  • The provided desktop application is horrible when using a laser
    printer. I printed about 50 pages before I figured out all the label
    variations I need. I guess they want you to buy their fancy label printers.
  • The account has to be loaded with money upfront, from which
    printed postage is deducted.
  • They don’t support PayPal to pay in, credit card or ACH only. Which is a bit inconvenient given that all Tindie money comes in through PayPal.

Still on the fence whether I will keep using it beyond the 30 day trial.

Just paid some out of pocket to Germany before updating shipping costs. It’s not realistic to have an $8 product and require $13-14 to ship to most of the world. At $7 that was a stretch. Now it’s a no-go.

I was tempted to add an additional fee for Czech Republic since a drive was required to mail the package in person. Hey, time is money. Same story, they couldn’t tell me why that was.

Luckily my small padded envelopes just barely fit the new label size.

Ah well, there goes any international interest.

If your mailers are thinner than 3/4", you should look into First Class Mail International. It wasn’t available with click&ship, but on PayPal shipnow that was in the $7 range for 4 ounces.

Apropos PayPal shipnow: would be great if Tindie was integrated with that.

Problem with PayPal “Ship Now” is they don’t offer USPS First Class International “Parcel”, just “Letter” and “Large Letter”. Max thickness 3/4". And USPS website seems to force me to pay the postage at the post office for international shipments!

I’m currently checking out, who claim to specialize in USPS International Shipping. They have no membership fees, and apparently only charge postage. I have contacted Tindie to recommend them and explore integration options…

Interesting find! For the few larger items I checked (2-5 lbs, Priority Mail International) they are cheaper than commercial pricing on PayPal or Endicia.

They charge the same for smaller items (5oz, First Class International Parcel).

I will give them a try next time I send a larger piece.

I just shipped a international package to Turkey (Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box) and the pricing was better than Website worked really well. They accept Credit Card, PayPal, and Bitcoin ! for payment, but you do need to load your account with $50 minimum. (not a big deal if you do frequent international shipments). I plan to continue using them and see how it goes. So far so good…