Aliexpress knockoffs

Hello everyone,

This is my first time writing here but I think I should due to the importance of the topic. Not long ago I came across on Aliexpress with a design I created and I sell on Tindie. This outraged me as it is my design and while it is true that have uploaded it to different electronic-related websites, it is under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-Non-Commercial-Sharealike) so no one can benefit from selling my design. This is my design and this is what they are selling. They do not mind copying exactly as it is.

Aliexpress knock off

My design

I contacted Aliexpress but they told me to file a report through their Intelectual Property platform they ask for a patent number, something that I don’t have and I guess most of the people who sell here don’t have either as we (mostly) aren’t professional seller, just hobbyists that want to share or give away their stock.

So, I haven’t found a way to report that product on Aliexpress and the worst thing is that such “Company/seller” is also copying another PCB Designs that I have seen here on Tindie. Please check the following links because I think many of you might have seen the same designs as me here.


Little bug

I am posting this to see if anyone knows what to do or at least to let you know what is happening.

Many thanks for your help.


Never release the gerber files, and even if you don’t, the PCB manufacturer has them. Are you certain they didn’t distribute them? (if it is an exact duplicate I would be suspicious of the PCB company)

There is really nothing you can do. It happens to everyone.
(that is, if the product is worth copying)

I see that your name was printed in the silkscreen layer but they removed it.
I would report the video to youtube (if it is on youtube). They love to take down videos regardless of proof. At least the hacker won’t have a video to promote.

I see they are selling the item for $1.50. There is absolutely no way even for sellers in China to profit at that price. Maybe they will stop selling it after losing enough money.

What I do is try to implement a micro controller in the circuit somehow, instead of using other IC’s. Then secure the micro controller. This won’t stop thieves but will certainly slow them down and maybe they will just give up and find another item that is easier to copy.

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Not a lot you can do in practice, but a few ideas to make their life harder (on the assumption you have tried the civilized approach first, like asking the seller to remove your IP from sale politely, once):

  • as mentioned, find all videos and other promotions and submit take down requests across the internet
  • even if Aliexpress ludicrous “processes” ask for a patent number (obviously not applicable requirement here), enter random numbers and then point at the license term violations instead
  • send them notes and random legal-sounding threats from multiple accounts; I just did and I am sure others here would be happy to “help”, but you can also set up multiple accounts as well
  • so in more general terms, use the incompetence of these scumbags and the companies that actively or tacitly support them against them; generate as much chaos for them as possible; there is no reason to behave in a civilized manner, have a bit of fun being as evil chaotic as you can; if nothing else, it’s free and will make you feel better (don’t underestimate the value of that to your mental health; spite has its place when unleashed on those that deserve it)
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