Adding inventory causes Suspicious Activity event on store

Anyone else have this happen? Every time I add to my store’s inventory it triggers a suspicious activity flag and ends up causing headaches with order delays, inventory counts not matching up, and disbursements getting locked down. I am only able to produce a small number of boards per month at the moment, and find it frustrating that this is happening every time. It also doesn’t help the current waitlist system blasts everyone with “hey, inventory has been added” even if there is 100+ people on the list but only 5-10 stock added, adding frustration for my customers.

Hi @grizzlyadams,

When Tindie receives a rush of orders that may cause a temporary hold. This is part of our fraud protection under the Tindie Guarantee. We’ve marked you as a trusted seller so you shouldn’t receive these error messages anymore.

Please let us know if you have any other questions :sunglasses:,

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