Adding amounts to options for Tindie products

Well, that’s basically it really. I would like the customer to be able to choose one of option A and one of Option B, or two of option B for a product as they are interchangeable when you build it.

For now, the less than elegant solution is to offer “kits” of AA, AB, BB etc. But that makes handling stock a nightmare, as I have to manually edit it on a regular basis to account for things drawing from the same pool before selling more than I have. Either that or make them all separate products.

They can order different options of the same product, they just need to do it as different products. So first they add one with option A, then they go back and order another one with option B. That works, and has been done multiple times on my product pages… This will show as two products on the order page with the different options set on each.

See image for how it looks like:

Yeah, I understand exactly how you mean, but I was more looking to make it a single product/purchase.

To explain, I’m selling a keyboard kit where you can pick either two encoders, two OLED display or one of each (or none) as components. And I can find no way for you to order those three combinations and have the store draw from a single pot for displays and one for encoders, without having the two items as main products. Not unreasonable so far. I’ll just treat them as separate add-on products. (And here it sort of makes sense.)

But then it comes to the case/plates that support the above options. I’d like to sell the case as a single item, not multiple, since I also sell the spacers/bolts etc. to mount them together as an option. Treating them as single item, I have to ‘share’ the stock amounts between them since they can be combined with each other, which causes me to either sell more than I have, or not sell because I’m playing it safe.

Treating them as separate products, I then have to make the nuts and bolts as a separate product as well, and so on, or sell half with the one plate and the other half with the other. And keep going a while on that path, and I end up with an order for 5 m2 spacers and 10 bolts for ~1$ because its a separate product. At which point it sort of gets a bit ridiculous.

Also, it creates the problem of either having a single shipping rate for parts that are widely different in size/weight, or adding the two together, because Tindie cant figure out to ‘combine’ shipping when a tiny item is included with a larger and still are separate products.

The easy solution would be to allow options with amounts. Ie buy one kit, include 1x or 2x of this option, and the same for the next, and count from a single pool for each unique item.