Access to wait list?

I have a product that is sold out and there is a wait list. Have another product that may meet the needs of the people on the wait list. How do I message them about the other product?


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Hey philba,

Please contact us at We kindly ask that you specify in your service request to provide us with the original product and the new product link. We can send out a message manually but for these requests, we typically only do it once.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Thanks, will do.

Is there a reason to not give me a list of the wait list people? I suppose some vendors might be a little heavy handed…

Awesome, we look forward to receiving your support request philba!

Due to security compliance, we limit how much user contact information should be disbursed to store sellers. In this case, we’ll allow it seeing that your an established seller but typically we process these request on very rare occasions. The other reason being is that it’s not a popular request.

Hoped this clarified a couple things,