8 port Led Distro - limit of LED per Port


I am interested in the product “8 Port LED Distro”.

In my project, i need to supply 6 led strip (WS2812), each strip will have a 9.4m lengh with 60led/m, so 564 led/strip.

I am wondering if the product “8 Port LED Distro” will be able to support this number of led.

I guess i will need to do it in 12V or 24V if i don’t any want loss.

Thank you for your help,

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Thank you for your answer.

I of course will use 24V.

I already have few led strip managed with esp32.

My issue here is that I need a board which can control 6 strips with 564 led,.

The product you sent me only control 1 strip with no fusible.

It seems the 8 port LED Distro is perfect for my project, I only need to know the maximum amperage/output.

OK no problem this is up to you

Yes I agree with you, but if i chain the strips, I will have 3384 led to power.

I will have to inject power all along the strip. It seems more difficult to do.

What I appreciate in the 8 port LED Distro product is that I have electric protection included in one board, but I have a doubt in the power in each port