What are your favorite tools?

Originally published at: http://blog.tindie.com/2015/04/what-are-your-favorite-tools/
CoolTools is a website where different tools are reviewed by readers. They also have a podcast in which they have guests talk about their favorite tools. The most recent episode is with John Edgar Park who not only works for Disney Research, but also writes for sites like Adafruit and Make. From big, more “unitasker”…

I can recommend HomeMadeTools.net too.

I can name several, like soldering iron, oscilloscope, but the best investment was a solder pot with a 6"x4" tank. I can dip an entire board and it’s soldered in 5 seconds. I use mostly thru-hole parts, so it really speeds production.
Also, a bobbin winder, since I make my own transformers.