Unknown device found in my computer

so maybe you could help me ? i had a person work on my computer they installed some tube lighting in it . the wires for the lights connected to one side of this device and the other side had been wired to a power source in the computer, i didn’t think anything of it until i pulled out my cc308+ and realized that it was throwing a strong of frequency out, im not a computer tech guy maybe its natural for a converter (i assume ) to throw feqs out ?


Yes this is for the light
this black part is inductor

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This looks very much like step-up voltage converter. It generates relatively high intermediate frequency and uses it to transform voltage - thus, you see its radio emission. It is not just normal - it is basically unavoidable, the better is the design, the lower emission would be there - but some still would be present


thankyou for your input on this item ,it was very much appreciated