Checkout button is disabled

our customer reported that the checkout button is disabed and he cannot buy items. We have also seen that problem. Please help.


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Same issue here, I’m guessing they are doing some maintenance and didn’t bother to tell anyone. Even if you bypass the Checkout button, the PayPal links are broken too.

I have just been informed of this issue by a customer as well… What is happening?

Hello! New user here, I placed my first two orders today.

I had a similar issue earlier today with the Checkout button. I was trying to purchase 6 items from the same seller. The checkout button was disabled, just like the screenshot posted by @iam_electronic in the first message of this thread.

I thought perhaps one of the items was no longer in stock so I cleared my cart and re-added each item one by one. For the first 4 items, the Checkout button was active. As soon as I added a 5th item added to my cart, the Checkout button was disabled.

I ended up placing a first order for the first 4 items and then (with a fresh empty cart), I added my remaining two last items and placed a second order.

After all of this, I realize now that perhaps I was hitting a maximum value for my first order, or perhaps a maximum weight/value as per the shipping method I had selected.

To make things even more interesting, my first order is currently stuck at “Processing Payment” in Tindie, in “Pending” at PayPal. (Transaction seems to be Authorized at my bank, I don’t think it has been blocked.) My second order (lesser value, with my last 2 items) seems to have gone through correctly.


Same for me, random combinations of more than one item disables the button.

Hello Everyone, Erin put a fix out earlier today. Please email if you notice anything else. Thanks!