Order fees vs Invoice total price


I can’t wrap my head around this. Since customer pays full order price, I have to make invoices with order total price, but how do I include the Tindie and Payment fees and how do I pair the invoices with Disbursement? Disbursement comes with fees already substracted (“Price payable to you”) but the invoice to customer must be for full price. Since the total price on the invoice is higher than what’s paid to me, when I pair disbursments with invoices, the prices won’t match. So far I only came up with adding a note about the fees + total price with fees substracted at the bottom of the invoice so that it can be checked against the Disbursement.

This also means I will be paying 10% more in taxes than I actually receive… any ideas about this?


Yep that’s right. You have to give an invoice with the full price.

The costs after site- and currency fees is another 10% loss here and are separately booked as selling costs in my administration.


Hi @mcer12,

Sorry for the late reply. You don’t need to provide an invoice as we provide one to the buyer.


I don’t think that is going to work for sellers outside the US?

If I sell something to someone in my own country or even within the EU, I have to apply VAT and send them a valid VAT invoice. Only the Tindie invoice is not valid(and Tindie is not the seller of the product).